false advertisement

Before kids, I would go to the salon and get my legs waxed. It was faster than shaving, easier, and I didn’t have to lift a finger. Now, however, my priorities have changed.

And I sufferrrr.

The razor companies out there (you know who you are) would love for me to think that shaving is an invigorating thrill. One trumped in amazingness only from such things as coffee, chocolate, frosting, ice cream….

But I was not born yesterday.

All that to say – I shaved my legs today and it grieves me to inform you that I have yet to find a cream, a gel, or a blade that leaves me feeling like a goddess. I wasn’t on the beach, basking in the sun with my best gals, all of us eager to strip away our swim suit cover-ups and twirl them about in the air paying homage to our immaculately manicured bikini lines and silky smooth, nik-free legs.

It was just me in my shower.

And it was basically a knife fight.


2 thoughts on “false advertisement

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