safe lunch

Mk fell in “lub” with ketchup back in February of 2008.

Rough estimate based on the picture folder for that month – yes, I took a picture of her first time using ketchup.

And now, she requests ketchup with everything.

Chicken nuggets.
Mac & cheese.
Fruit snacks.

Ketchup isn’t the easiest word to say, either. And since she has requested ketchup since before she could form phrases like “Hey, I need some more of that!” Or really, before she could say anything at all, she has always referred to it as “pill.”

My husband and I are convinced have joked that it’s a drug.

Get it!? Pill…….?

I have no immediate plans to quit my day job.

Anyway, yesterday she opened the fridge and asked “Can I have more of that…ketchup?”

Growing up is hard to do.
For me.

And she and ketchup lived happily ever after, the end.


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