My husband and I were talking the other day and mentioned Jesus’ death. Mk overheard and is convinced that her daddy flushed Jesus down the toilet because that’s what happened to her fish when they died.

My Easter story needs some work.

Today we went ahead and celebrated with family and food and egg hunts.

But on Saturday, as I haven’t posted all weekend, we went to a neighborhood egg hunt at the park. We were late and it was freezing and we didn’t find any eggs. But we learned our lesson.

Be eggstra early next year!

The nerd in me could not resist.

But the Easter Bunny was there and G and J were totally beside themselves with excitement. Mk, with fear.

Shortly after all that we went to the local ice arena for skating with the Easter Bunny. It was Mk’s first time on skates and between her new feet and the Easter Bunny, she was terrified. I think she’ll do better next year though – she’s been asking to wear her ice skates to bed ever since.

Today we were at my Grandpa’s. It was the first Easter without my Grandma, so that was tough. But my mom took the reigns and made all the food and it was delicious. And then the kiddies had an egg hunt outside and it was the most darling thing ever.

Best day.

And I am so thankful for my Savior.


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