it begins

The other day, Mk was playing in the front yard when some neighbor kids took notice. They came over and asked her the basics, like:

“What’s your name?”
“How old are you?”
“Can we have a snack?”

And although her answer to the first two questions was her name and her answer to the last question was a “No,” they hit it off. BFF’s, despite the massive age difference.

Yesterday, one of these new friends of hers came over while we were playing soccer in the backyard. And yours truly? Immediately replaced by this super cool 10-year-old. Not to mention, she’s 10. So when Mk insisted that they run around the yard in circles, this girl wasn’t stopping every few seconds to catch her breath like a certain someone I know.


But my baby, she let me down gently. She was all “Mom, why don’t you just go inside with the babies. You go check on ’em. You don’t need’a stay out here with me. I’m just gunna play with my friend. See ya later.”

Yea. That just happened. And she’s three.

Now, I know that it was only a matter of time before she was all “Get lost, Mom.”

I guess I just thought that it would happen years from now. Like, maybe 60 years from now. When she would finally decide to send me to an old folks’ home to get me out of her basement.

Growing up is hard to do.


12 thoughts on “it begins

  1. Awwww…that would make me sad! Did your husband ever refriend you on FB?


  2. Wait… I missed an old post… your husband defriended you on FB? Anyway, how cute and sad at the same time. At least she is not terrified of any other children, like I was at her age. But tough for you mama!


  3. Oh, ouch! I will be reminding myself of this post when I am asked for the millionth time if I can play Lego's instead of cooking dinner.


  4. Aw! That is cute and really sad!


  5. oh, sniffle, i will cry my eyes out the day they don't want me around to play anymore. Big virtual hug mama.


  6. Awww…she's growing up fast! And getting smarter. ;p


  7. mommies can never be replaced! she may think so now, but you watch… when she gets a boo-boo… she'll be runnin' to you, not her little 10 year old friend. (;


  8. HAha, how cute. She will come back. I strayed away from my mom in my early teens and now shes my best friend. Id rather hang out with her rather than some of my friends sometimes…(maybe because she pays fr everything) KIDDING.! I LOVE MY MOMMA.!


  9. I can't say anything anyone else hasn't already said… heartbreakingly adorable. :)


  10. thanks, gals! gah, she breaks my heart with this stuff, but it's fun to see her independence too.@Rebecca yea, he refriended me. haha. and now that all the drama is said and done, i find myself laughing about it just as you predicted. ;)


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