wtf (frud)

Omg, you guys.

I might just lol so hard that I’ll need a diaper.

And yes I did just use wtf, omg and lol in this post. I pinky swear that it’ll never happen again, I just couldn’t resist this one time.


My husband and I have been known to sit in opposite rooms from each other. It’s usually nothing personal and it doesn’t happen on the reg, but occasionally we want to do our own things on our own computers. And we are so lame hip, that we will chat with each other via Facebook. Say what you will, I like to think of it as futuristic.

Now, you should know that my other half uses the heck out of spell check. Being an avid twittererer, he talks smack to the site for not having that correction tool in their status bar. And it would have come in handy the other night when he needed to tweet something about being a fraud, but I guess he figures that’s what I’m for.

So I’m minding my business in the other room when I hear a “bloop.” And then another “bloop.” And then a “bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop.”

Those are the chat sounds, bear with me here.

And in figuring it must be urgent, I look to the computer to see this:

whats that say
is it fraud
or frud

That is on the real. Copied and pasted, so you know it’s legit. Originally, I was cracking up over the ‘frudglint’, but I think that the excessive yo’s have since totally stolen my heart.


8 thoughts on “wtf (frud)

  1. So glad I found your blog. Your family is adorable and you are hilarious! Love this post :)


  2. You crack me up!!! Have a great weekend!


  3. Hahaha nice! Is it also futuristic that we use our cell phones to call each other… in the house??


  4. Hahahaha! You guys are a funny couple. In a cute way. Cute and funny. One not necessarily dependent on the other.I'll one up you here- my hubby and I will chat too… even though he's sitting next to me on the couch.


  5. Hahaha hilarious. Matt and I chat while sitting next to each other too..usually it's him sending me dirty things though and me ignoring him and trying not to laugh at him being suck a dork.


  6. whew. i love that we're not the only dorks who do this!and cell phones in the house? VERY futuristic. and awesome.for real, you all are so sweet. thanks so much for the compliments!


  7. You are quite the clever word crafter here. Cool.


  8. thanks, Jenny! you are too kind.


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