My husband and I are planting a garden! Like, a for real garden. One with veggies and stuff.

It’s a long, slow and painful process, but I’m stoked on having some home-grown goodness.

We’re not quite to the planting stage yet though, we’re at the spend hours/days/weeks out there trying to do to the soil whatever it is you have to do to it in order to get to the planting stage. And we’re doing it the old-fashioned way. With a spade shovel and a pitchfork.

Which certainly wasn’t my idea, but whatever.

We have help though, so that’s nice. My pops-in-law maintained a veggie garden for years at his place, but he’s given up on his own this year in hopes of pursuing…other gardens…I guess…? He’s in the process of helping a friend with theirs and helping us with ours, so it would appear that way.

And so my other half may, or may not have, mentioned something about someone being a garden hoe ho.



9 thoughts on “gardening

  1. Haha…garden ho…nice…original…mature…I'm doing my first veggie garden this year too…so excited. Husband is shocked every time he looks at my seedling tray and things are actually growing…granted, he grew up in the city, but shouldn't he know that things will grow if given soil, water, and sunlight? Geez!


  2. lol you need to get a pic of you two, American Gothic style… you know, with the somber farmer and his wife with the pitchfork or whatever? Yeah. It'll be American Punk Rock. Or whatev.Yeah… nevermind. I'll shut up now.


  3. I want a garden too! The kids are not helping you and hubs with this one? I bet it'll be fun having them around! ;p


  4. We just got our garden supplies last weekend! All of the dirt and boards and tools have just sat out back because we can't find the time to put it all together! And we're lazy. Reeeeally lazy.So excited to see pictures, I bet the kids are really going to enjoy watching their veggies grow!


  5. How awesome!!! I've always said i have NO green thumb at all, but just in the last several months i've started to want to have a garden – a veggie one – when we have a house. One day! :)


  6. Garden! How beautiful! Take some pictures and show us how you're doing it. I've never had a true garden before (the tomato my dad let me plant INSIDE that grew a tiny green leaf then died doesn't count. no seriously.) Good luck!


  7. You are awesome!! I would LOVE a garden but have NO idea where to start…


  8. Hey you! I tagged you on my blog! Go check it out :)


  9. @Rebecca that's so awesome! i can't wait to see your progress! or maybe you've already posted it since i haven't read anyone's blogs in FOREVER. me = fail.@Hayley i LOVE that idea! man, i'm glad we're friends. we're going to have to work on getting that picture – i think it would be hilarious.@Johana oh, yea, the kids are loving it!@allie exciting! lazy is good though. not for getting things done, but just in general. i would much rather be sitting on my butt than shoveling, haha.@Melissa haha, so with you on the no gree thumb thing. i suck at keeping plants alive! but i am really excited to have a garden.@Sweet August oh, mama! your indoor tomato with the one green leaf sounds like all of my previously plant projects. i'll def post some pictures and hopefully this whole thing turns out right! and thanks for the tag on your blog – you are so super sweet! i'll be over in a jif!@SassySillySpunky haha, i had no idea either! and we probably would have never started it without the help of my hubs' dad. ;) you should so start one though! it would be so fun to see someone else's progress!


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