being in love with myself is a lot like falling asleep

I was recently chatting with a couple of friends about social networking and the narcissism that often comes along with it. It might very well be unintentional, but it’s there.

Every time that you hit ‘share’ or ‘tweet’ or ‘publish’, you’re assuming that your friends and/or followers care to hear about your fabulous new nail polish, your latest #fail or your son’s constipation.


Did I say “you”…? Because really, I’m talking about myself. Again. See what I mean?

So I say to my husband “Sometimes I just sorta want to be done with Twitter/Facebook/blogging for forever. Not because I don’t enjoy posting the heck out of things and chatting with my peoples, but because it all seems so narcissistic. I mean, who even cares what I have to say? Other than me, of course.”

And to that he replied “Yea, people’s status updates and stuff can get pretty boring. I don’t think I’ve ever randomly fallen asleep, but I know what you mean.”

Now, if I could stop laughing, I would tell him that he might be thinking of narcolepsy rather than narcissism.

But I just cannot stop laughing.

Oh, and narcissistic or not, I’m still here. So, make of that what you will.


7 thoughts on “being in love with myself is a lot like falling asleep

  1. yes…i love when people misuse words!!!!! my fave! sorry for no capitalization, but i'm eating a fudgesicle that i refuse to put down…see? you don't care about THAT, but i made you read it b/c i love myself too!!!I'm kind over over FB…


  2. HAHAHA my friend does that all the time. Except she'll say something like this: "sometimes i wanna be done w/ facebook b/c even though i endjoy posting the heck out of things, it kind of all seems narcolptic". And then i'll be like "amy…i think you mean narcissistic." IT IS HILARIOUS! HAHAH! ANYWAY – i kind of agree. i mean i DO care about what ppl post. Even if it's silly or venting or goofy or boring. But others i don't care about. For those, i use the "hide" button (on FB). And if they find me boring…they can do the same. HAHA.


  3. I agree with you. As you can tell, my Twitter account doesn't get a whole lot of action. I just can't… get into it. My Facebook really is much the same. My updates aren't personal… because, I'm a pretty private person. Which sounds hypocritical seeing that I have a blog… but even lately, I don't know what direction to take that, either. Oh, and just so to put it out there… I totally care about what you have to say.


  4. Well, I like hearing what you have to say :)But I totally know that feeling. It's kind of a gross/not fun one too. Gaaaah. This is too funny!


  5. Oh those thoughts (doubts) assault me too. Sometimes I question myself: Why am I even blogging? and I just stay away from the laptop until I miss it again and then everything is back to normal. Ha!I like reading about you, the hubs and the kids! Don't stop writing! ;p


  6. Loved the postHappy Friday Follow. Following you now on GFC as Thrifty Canucks #95Please check out my blog and follow if you can


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