My husband and I bought our first computer on Mother’s Day 2008.

On Mother’s Day of 2010, our motherboard fried.


6 thoughts on “weird

  1. Hi, glad to know you’re ok! I don’t know much about wordpress, so I guess you’re going to educate me. Yeah, I think about posting kiddie pics and I’m considering giving them nicknames but I don’t want to rewrite all my old posts. But I’ve next to no followers compared to you because it’s 99% for the grandmas who live out of state. And the boys? I figure that technology will be so far advanced that blogging will be like…prehistoric and boring by the time they care, right?


    • Yep, I’m ok! :) And thanks so much for making the move with me!

      I don’t know much about it either actually, so maybe we’ll just learn together.

      That’s what mine has always been for too! I have so much out of state family and I know that they like to be able to see the kids “grow up” this way. I’m still undecided about the whole thing. But yea, this probably WILL be prehistoric by then! Haha!


  2. Seriously, I love this. I think it looks so clean and clear. Also, do have things to say! Give yourself some credit!


    • Thanks! That was one thing that I liked about WP sooo much more than Blogger. It really does look cleaner and more structured. I gotta have that somewhere in my life, ’cause it sure ain’t happenin’ at home! ;)


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