food fast

On Sunday, we had fast food for lunch.

We went through the drive-thru (as usual) and they forgot one of our many food items (as usual).

My husband went inside to get the rest of our order, which took surprisingly long seeing as how the parking lot was pretty empty.

When he got back into the driver seat he asked “Did you see those two young girls walk in behind me?”

“Yep,” I replied, secretly hating the fact that we’re such old farts, referring to a couple of 18 year olds as “young.”

“Well, it took me forever to get our food because they started talking to one of the kids that works here,” he said. “And it was crazy! One girl was all ‘yea, I haven’t even showered yet today’ and the kid was like ‘yea, me either. I just threw on my work uniform and came in.”

He was completely baffled by the fact that they would be telling each other about their lack of cleanliness. “Is that what flirting is like in 2010? Have we been out of the game that long?”

Maybe so…and that’s fine. But hopefully it is never ever considered sexy to not at least wash your hands.


Or maybe, since I am always getting so grossed out and, in this case, focusing on the wrong part of the story, I should just stop eating fast food…?


Fat chance.


8 thoughts on “food fast

  1. Fast food rules…kids are gross…I would have freaked out and told those dirty youngins to get outta my way and give me my fries!


  2. What?! That is disgusting, esp. considering they are making your food!


    • I know! Most of the time I don’t think about that stuff, but the times that I do, it takes me a good month or so to recover from. Haha!


  3. You have the best.stories.ever!!!


  4. That’s nasty. I am 18 years old and no this is not how I or anyone I have talked to flirt. Must just be the rare few. Honestly if I hadn’t showered I would through on some perfume and make it seem like I had. Seriously?


    • I am so glad to know it’s not the majority! And, right? That’s what I thought too. Wouldn’t you at least pretend that you were clean? I know I would. Or do. ;)


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