Last week, I could have confidently told you guys that I have never in my life bought a magazine that is all about celebs.

But I can’t tell you that anymore.

And this is what Twilight has done to me.

My husband, in his token Twitter language, lamented “Wife pound fail.”

But let’s just say that I’m not going by myself to see Eclipse. Catch my drift?


4 thoughts on “confession

  1. NO…he’s not even going with you…no…that’s awesome…best wife ever!!!


  2. BTW…I am totally Team Jacob and I vowed never to see the movies…I’ve only seen the 2nd one. I think…I don’t know…I’m a loser.


    • He is SO going with me! And I am totally Team Jacob too! YAY for teammates! And the second movie was the best anyway, so you’re not doin’ too bad, mama. ;)


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