just my luck

This last Sunday, my husband and I planned to take the kiddies to a park, go and pick up a friend, finally burn some wood in our new fire ring and use s’mores to eat ourselves sick.

Ok, maybe that last one was only my plan.

Anyway, we did in fact take the kids to a park, all of us dressed for summer, when the wind picked up making it feel like fall. Then, we went to get the friend, who ended up flaking on us. Finally, on our way back home, it started pouring rain. Conditions clearly not fit for an outdoor fire.

Busts all around.

When we got close to home, like, on our own street, I noticed pieces of tree bark scattered all over the road. And in our driveway. And in our front yard. And on our roof.

I went in to the house totally forgetting about the wreckage out front, maybe because I was too busy mourning my s’mores, but I happened to look out the back window anyway. And when I did, I saw pieces of that tree bark all over our backyard too.

Upon further inspection, I noticed our tree.

And then the ground, at the base of the tree, where there was a straight line of ripped-through soil.

After the rain stopped, my other half went outside to assess the damage. While he was out there, our next door neighbor came over and told him that he was watching the storm out the back door of his house, when there was a huge flash, a loud crack and then bark flying everywhere.

Lightning totally hit our tree. Isn’t that nuts?

I went out there the next day and took these pictures, but this all looks so much cooler in real life. And even though I’m a little fascinated with the stormy weather stuff, I’m kinda glad we weren’t home for this one.

But, as far as the real catastrophe, I just went ahead and microwaved my s’mores.


15 thoughts on “just my luck

  1. whoa!!! freak!! glad you got your smores, though! :) lol! i roasted marshmallows over a candle one day with my kiddies!


  2. Lighting hitting tree=awful sound! Boo for losing a
    tree :(


  3. Mmmm…smores…p.f. changs has an awesome smores mini-dessert…awesome!

    That lightning thing is crazy…stuff like that weirds me out. My in-laws’ house got struck this past year and I was like, hmmm…what did you do to deserve that? Hahahahaaaa…I’m sure YOU didn’t do anything!


    • HAHA! Oh, no. I would NEVER do anything to deserve a lightning strike. ;)

      But yea, that stuff freaks me out too…so crazy.


  4. That looks scary…great pics though.


  5. Craziness… I’ve been out of the blogging loop. Love your new home here. I freaked out when I couldn’t find you this morning!


    • Don’t even sweat it, mama. I am so out of the loop myself! I think it’s the warmer weather…I’m a little less likely to spend so much time in front of the computer when I could be doing yard work or something I suppose. But only a little. ;) So glad you found me though! I’ve missed you!


  6. I LOVE storms but not when they hit (literally) that close to home. Umm no thanks! At least it was the tree and not the roof right!? :)

    More importantly, I am so glad you got your smores. I love those things. I would go make one right now except earlier today I ate all the rest of the chocolate. Dang. :)


    • That’s the first thing I thought too! Luckily it was JUST a tree!

      And oh goodness, S’mores have got to be an all time fave for this girl. But, I too, am guilty of eating all the chocolate…all the time. :)


  7. Holy crap!! That’s freaky. So glad you guys weren’t home at the time! Although it probably would have been pretty cool to see.


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