disney totally owes me

When I was little, I was pretty convinced that someone sat outside my window, watching my whole life, and then used their findings to write the story of Cinderella.

I had quite the imagination.

And what I thought was an extensive list of chores.

Now, maybe I didn’t have an evil step-mother, or crotchety sisters who tried to keep me away from my prince charming, but I did have pet hamsters.

They’re just like mice, give me a break.

And, ok,  maybe I didn’t have a fairy godmother who could *poof!* glass slippers out of the air, but I totally had Cinderella beat on her midnight curfew. Mine was 11.

Yea, I guess I really have no idea why I thought that the story of Cinderella was my biography…?

But today, while eating lunch, my 3 year old looked at me and stated all matter-of-factly “Mom, Cinderella has boobs like you.”

Looks like I can put this one in the win column after all.


5 thoughts on “disney totally owes me

  1. Bwahahahaha! The 3 yr old mind is a funny thing to behold. And I totally felt the same way when I was a kid. Because dishes and weekly dusting were the *ultimate* cruelties.

    And I’m pretty sure Cinderella had a nice rack. So, points for you!


    • HAHA! I know, right? I had dishes and weekly cleaning of the bathroom. And I suppose I’m still known to throw a little fit about that last one.

      Also, can I brag about mine being more real than a cartoon character’s…? I think I will anyway. ;)


  2. That is absolutely hilarious!


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