my daughter will hate this

Poor G has always had a problem with constipation. But the more recent problem isn’t so much that she can’t go. It’s that she won’t go.

She pinches.

And since she has red hair, husby calls her Pinchiotti.
You’d have to be a fan of That 70’s Show to get the reference.

I’ve tried all kinds of things to ease the process for her. Including, but not limited to, sitting with her reading small novels while she’s on the toilet, prune juice, belly massage…you name it.

Then one day, my mom let me in on a little secret. The secret wasn’t that I had these same issues and then some while I was a wee one, because there’s no way I could forget all that – the secret was that she made sure I ate raisins. And here all this time I thought she was just giving me raisins because I liked them so much.

Mothers really do know everything.

I gave G her first box of raisins the other day.

Within hours, Miss Pinchiotti couldn’t even attempt to live up to her namesake.

Sweet stinky success.

Due to their deliciousness, and the girl on the front of the box, she calls them “Tinkerbell candy.”

Due to their super powers, she eats them by the truck load.


5 thoughts on “my daughter will hate this

  1. Awesome trick…our pedi told us that the sometimes hold it on purpose around this age (and toilet training). We’re always supposed to be happy that they’ve pooped…even if it smells like a landfill. Thanks for sharing your tip of the day!


  2. Can.not.speak. I am laughing so freaking hard at Pinchiotti. Well, not at Pinchiotti as in G, but Pinchiotti as in your Huz is so hysterically funny. And I love your new digs. And you. And I’m sorry I haven’t been over to visit you here yet. Some Bestie I am. GAH! Pinchiotti. LOVES. IT.


    • I love you too, Mox! And don’t sweat it, mama. You are totes the bestest bestie.

      And right…? The guy cracks me up. So glad I’m not the only one who thought that one was hilarious too. I STILL crack up over it. Like it’s the first time, every time.


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