like I needed a[nother] reason to stay in my jams all day

I am fully aware that, one day, I will be an embarrassment to my children.

It may or may not be on purpose, but it will happen.

So for now, while they are still completely enamoured with all the dorky things I do, I will rock my new footsie jams.


And when the day comes, the day that they no longer think it’s hilarious and awesome that we have matching jammies….

Well then, I’ll rock these bad boys even harder.


5 thoughts on “like I needed a[nother] reason to stay in my jams all day

  1. Awesome! Where did you find those? Also? You seriously can’t watch Chumlee anymore? I am super bummed.


    • Thanks! My bro bought them for me from trusty Target. They are the bomb.

      And it’s true. Cable got canned. When we first got it I was all “Whatevs, I never watch tv anyway…”

      But omg, I am having a tough time not getting my Chumlee fix. You’ll have to keep me updated on all his funny. I have to wait for the dvd. Lamesauce.


  2. Ohhhhh …. I saw the footed jammies at Target, too. And I almost bought them for the hubs and I for our traditional new Christmas pjs. You might have just convinced me to go back and get them.


    • Loves it! They are seriously the best. I vote for going back and getting ’em – and then posting pictures. Obviously. ;)

      Ps. Thanks for visiting/commenting/being just plain awesome!


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