with motherhood, comes crying during movies

I never ever cried during movies before. And certainly not animated ones.

But I honest-to-goodness sobbed out loud during Toy Story 3.

I know, right?

But those toys, the ones that Andy played with and cared about and loved and treated like they were his very bestest friends…?

They live in my house too.

We may not have Mr. Potato Head or Buzz Lightyear or anything, but we have a Baby…! And a little HotWheels mini-van and a big, stuffed puppy, and…we have books and dolls and trucks that I can’t even imagine life without.

Yea. Me.

Because I’m starting to think that I care more about the kiddies’ toys than they do.

This book, for instance…

…obviously torn apart. It had a good 3 year run and has been through 3 little ones ferociously turning each page. But I honestly don’t think it stands a chance on the living room floor anymore. So, the other day, I picked it up and headed towards the garbage can. And then I took a little detour to the kitchen counter. Where this book has sat for the past 2 days.

Because the thought of throwing it away makes me sad. Because the thought of getting rid of any piece of my kiddies’ childhood makes me sad.

So yea, I cried during Toy Story 3.

Anyway, what’s new with you guys? And is Hoarders up for a fourth season…?



7 thoughts on “with motherhood, comes crying during movies

  1. Whoa. I do the same thing, but not over toys- yet. I can watch a movie or see a picture and my eyes start smarting, even though they never would have before baby B! Having babies does weird things to your emotional self…


  2. I have heard of a lot of people surprising themselves by crying during that movie! Guess I’ll have to check it out (and maybe I should see the first two while I’m at it)!


    • Definitely check it out – the 3 movies are, for sure, a few of my faves.

      I had heard that people were crying too and I had no idea how that was possible until I watched it!


  3. You know, I believe I try to avoid that whole thing altogether by getting rid of stuff so I can’t think about it. I am not a hoarder at all. I hate piles of anything. I hate hate hate broken up toys. It might be different if my kids all played with the same toys, but being they are 3 and 4 years apart, nothing really was handed down with the exception of clothes. I hate being sentimental so I try to avoid it at all costs. I take pictures and videos so I can cry over those when I’m old, but really I don’t do that with other things. I just have to look at them to get all sappy. They are getting big and that alone makes me sad enough. that movie did not make me cry and neither did the movie UP. But then this weekend I saw UP again or the sad parts of it and balled like a baby. so there you go.


    • UP totally made me cry the first time – but I haven’t watched it since. And for sure, just looking at them gets me all sappy too. Time goes by way too fast. As far as hoarding, I generally dislike messes and piles of any kinds, but when it comes to toys or really anything that my kids leave laying around, I’m strangely sentimental. Or maybe just plain mental. ;)


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