yea, I went there

Yesterday, I popped the The Little Mermaid into the VCR, but since I hadn’t taken the time to rewind it after the last time we watched it, it started playing somewhere in the middle.

And in the few seconds it took me to stop and rewind it, I heard things like “What is wrong with this movie? Why is it all…shaky…?” and “Wow, we really need’a buy a new one.”

So, I did what any good parent would do.

While it was rewinding, I explained to MK that, when I was her age, I had to walk to and from school, barefoot, in the snow, uphill BOTH WAYS.

And that we had to wait for things to rewind.

But even though I tell a mean story, I’m pretty sure all that fell on deaf ears. Because when the tape was done rewinding, she interrupted with an eye roll and an “Ooook, mom. I think it’s done loading.”

So yea, I feel kinda ancient.

But you can call me old school. (It sounds cooler).


5 thoughts on “yea, I went there

  1. Try being 33 with an 11 year old. It’s even worse. Today Naomi asked me a question in Math about the “mean” and the “mode” and I was like huh????? did I learn this in school? I’m so old. I don’t remember 6th grade Math.


    • Haha! Oh my goodness, there is no way I would remember 6th grade math at this point in my life either. I don’t envy you there! The extent of my math is making sure nobody skips the 7 when they’re playing hide and seek around here. It’s weird, they always skip the 7…


  2. You still own a VCR?

    Craziness, woman.


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