happy birthday, Mk

My baby girl turns FOUR today, you guys!

Nevermind how much I’ve cried it about.

Last night, as I was tucking her in on her last night as a three-year-old, she sensed the lump in my throat and saw the tears fill my eyes as I went on and on about how much I loved being her mama and how the last four years have been the very best years of my life. So she asked me “Mom, what are you crying for? What’s wrong with you!?”

I replied with a shaky voice “You’re just growing up so fast! And you won’t be little forever and…it’s tough to explain, because I’m also super happy that you’re turning four!”

And somehow, she knew just what to say. She assured me “But remember? I will ALWAYS be your baby! Remember, I told you that…?”

Then I cried some more. And wondered how on earth she got to be such a sweetheart.

Minutes later, she insisted that I take her picture while she mocked my sad face.


Happy Birthday, girlfriend.


11 thoughts on “happy birthday, Mk

  1. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful four year old daughter in law ever!

    you are just the sweetest. i love you so much, you have no idea. and mk? well, i want to know how she is so wise. because that really was like the best thing to say ever.

    will be getting in touch with you soon – the sick has passed. like, yay for good health. until then i couldn’t resist a little comment nibble.

    love to the buckster fam and of course to you, shan-wow.


    • Thanks so much, mama!

      And I love you right back. Like, for real. But as far as MK being wise beyond her years, I have no idea. She is totes the sweetest.

      Anyway, YAY for the sick being behind ya! And for the comment and the love.

      Also? Considering legally changing my name to shan-wow. Thoughts?


  2. holy crapola, she’s adorable. And sweet! I’d just die of the sweetness if my kid said something like that to me!

    Also? Glad I’m not the only one who gets choked up when my kids turn a year older.


    • Thank you, mama! I honestly have no idea how she got so sweet. Now her sassy streak, THAT I understand.

      So glad I’m not the only one who gets all emo about that either! They just grow up so fast…


  3. Awww…too cute! The moment, the picture, the tears…all of it!


  4. A wee bit late, BUT I hope she had a wonderful birthday. She is truly adorable.


    • Thanks, love! She DID have a wonderful day. A day filled with putting up the Christmas tree and birthday cake. Pretty unbeatable combo.


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