my favorite storyteller

Today, Mk spent the early morning hours reading books to her brother and sister.

It is the sweetest sound a mother can hear. The sound of all her babies piled up on the couch, cuddling, not screaming or pinching the back of each other’s arms, but getting along.

And Mk’s stories are the BEST.

Someday, she’s going to learn to read, and while the stories will make a bit more sense, I have a feeling that they won’t be as random and extravagant and as adorable as they are now. And that will be a sad day for me!

Not to mention, spelling things out to husby will become an obsolete way of communicating…

Anyway, this morning she “read” from her Bible. And never has the story of Noah been so riddled with dance competitions and princesses and fighting, like it was today.

But the ending may have been my favorite part.

When it came time for her to explain the rainbow that followed the flood, she put one arm over G’s shoulder, the other over J’s, and assured them “See, guys? God loves everyone.”

Then she leaned in toward her brother and giggled “Even you, you weird little boy!”


7 thoughts on “my favorite storyteller

  1. Holy crap, that’s adorable.


  2. lmao that’s awesome. Especially the last part.


  3. bwahahaha! that is absolute hilarity. LOVES IT. Also? My days of spelling things out to my Hubs are mucho numbered. I’ve already been working on an alternative system – spelling vague words alluding to what I actually need to say combined with baseball signals when the kiddies’ heads are turned. Yeah, so that’s pretty ineffective. It’s all I gots.


    • HAHA! LOVES the baseball signals, no matter how ineffective. I find myself spelling words out even if the kiddies aren’t around too. How much cooler if I was throwing baseball signals…? I think you’re on to something, mama.


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