giving thanks

Every night, when husby and I say prayers with the kiddies, we make sure to give thanks.

G and J usually have a pretty short list of things that they’re thankful for, but I think that’s only because their vocabs are limited. Well that, and they have yet to learn the art of stalling.

Mk’s list, as you can imagine, is ENORMOUS. And stalling or not, I’m glad that she is thankful.

So today, since it’s Thanksgiving and all, I asked the kids if they would tell me what they were thankful for.
I was not at all ready for the mini-meltdown that came with them thinking it was bedtime, but whatever.

Mk went first, per usual, spouting off “Grandma, Auntie A, Jesus, Auntie G, Mama, G and…I don’t want to tell you anymore.”

I guess it’s tough to think of things to be thankful for when its run-around-the-house-like-a-maniac time rather than bedtime. Heh. Also, did you notice where I rank in that list of suspects…?

When I asked G if she’d like to tell me what she was thankful for, she shouted “NO!” but quickly came back with a “Grandma,” followed by “Uncle S.” And…then…another “NO!”

When I asked the same of J, he spoke some gibberish about “punkins” and “mermaids” and “babies.” I know, right?

And me, I have so much to be thankful for. SO MUCH.

I am blessed beyond measure, I am loved more than I deserve and I am forgiven.

And, today I get to stuff my face with turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes.

Happy Thanksgiving, you guys!


2 thoughts on “giving thanks

  1. I hope you had a great day! I’m pretty thankful for punkins and mermaids too.


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