there’s always tomorrow…

Over the weekend, we had a small family gathering for Mk’s birthday.

That girl is so blessed.

I mean, time with family, delicious cake and presents…? You just can’t complain about all that.

Anyway, one of the gifts that she received (from Grandpa) was a cradle for her baby. Now, I honestly figured that she would use this gift as a place to throw miscellaneous stuff when I ask her to clean her room. I never ever thought that she would use it as a place to lay her baby. Because Baby already has a home. She sleeps attached to my darling daughter’s big toe.

Long story…

But that first night, she surprised me. After Mk filled the cradle with blankets, she brought it into her room and set it next to her bed. Then, she gently placed her baby inside while whispering “You have to sleep in your own bed now ’cause you’re a big girl like me. And you don’t need’a be scared ’cause my bed is right here.”

You can just imagine the melting of my heart.

Then, before kisses and prayers, I read them both a story, one that Mk occasionally interrupted with a concerned “You be ok…?” in her Baby’s direction.

It was so sweet.

I left the room, only to come back and check on her a few minutes later. And when I peeked in, I found her asleep, lying next to an empty cradle, with Baby attached to her toe.

And apart from that whole…big toe…thing, I can totally relate.

Because I’m not ready for my babies to grow up just yet either.


3 thoughts on “there’s always tomorrow…

  1. AW! My heart is totes melting with yours. She is such a little sweetheart. LOVE her. And I HAVE to know the dilly with the big toe. That’s the awesome. But what else could I expect from a child of Shan-WOW?


    • Thanks so much, mama! I just knew that your heart would love it. You are, for real, the bestest.

      And, per request, I posted all about the big toe thing. Well, what I understand of it anyway. Which is not much…


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