his life is bro

I spent the weekend paying homage to the porcelain throne.

Meaning husby spent the weekend eating his fill of Pizza Hut, Cheese Dogs and Ramen.


But he also had kid duty.


From my quarantined room, I heard him playing dolls, driving trucks and reading books. And while my stomach was doing flips because of the sick, my heart was doing flips because of the sweet.

But this morning, I learned of my other half’s sandwich making inadequacies.

Mk gave me the biggest hug and told me “Mom, I missed you when you were sick! Daddy cut our sandwiches in little pieces. Like, baby pieces. You need’a show him how to do it.”

Sandwiches cut in half, rather than in sample size bites: THIS IS WHAT’S AT STAKE.

So yea, his life is bro. But only because he sucks at making sandwiches.

(But for real, thanks for everything, lover boy! I love you tons regardless of your sandwich making abilities. Or disabilities.)


5 thoughts on “his life is bro

  1. Hm.

    I didn’t know anyone ever cut sandwiches into little bite-sized pieces. Or at least no one ever did for me. But A for effort?


  2. hey mama! sorry to hear you were down and out – glad you are feeling better now. and i have to laugh because my huz cuts up my kids’ food like they just learned how to chew also. he’s paranoid they will choke (he had a bad experience with fruit snacks as a tot).


    • Thanks, mama! Being sick is the pits, but yes, I am back to my usual self.

      And that is awesome that your Hubs does the same thing. Mine does for that same reason too! Heck, he has even been known to go mama bird. And I laugh, but their concern really is pretty endearing.

      Hope all is well with you! Love and stuff!


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