good enough to eat

Gingerbread just might be one of the loveliest smells around.

And look at how cute it looks, too.

Wish I could take credit for that, but my kiddies rocked the house there. I wonder if I should blame them give them credit for the framing job too…?

Ok, I managed to salvage it, but the process was far from pretty.

Note to self: stick with pre-assembled.


9 thoughts on “good enough to eat

  1. Cuuuuuttteeee!!!!! (And YUM)


  2. I’m terrible with these things. 1 or 2 years ago Nathan and I put one together, attempting to make it look . . . well, nice. And it didn’t look nice. The roof caved in, the side fell over, the “path” led to nowhere, and it was hard before I could even think of eating the heads off the people.

    Good thing I’m not a carpenter.


    • Exactly! It drives me bonkers that the houses look so pretty on the box, because I have yet to see one come out even half as good-looking as those.

      Then again, I’m no carpenter either.


  3. Will we make gingerbread houses when N is old enough? Yes. Will we then eat it and make a celebration out of it the next day? Yes. I have no self-control.


  4. wow! they did a bang up job! my kiddies and i are making one later. no. my kiddies will stick on two gum drops and get bored. and then i will finish alone while they run around being loud and stuff.


    • Haha! More candy for you then though, right…?

      I was actually kinda sorta hoping that my kiddies would get bored. They were trying to pick stuff off and restick it after it was all hard and jazz already. They NEVER tire of playing with candy and frosting. That’s also how I know they’re mine. ;)


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