thank you

I have the best friends on the planet. And yes, that means you guys.

I cannot even tell you how nervous I was to hit publish on that last post. For a ton of different reasons really, but mostly because I always fear that if people even got a glimpse of one of my other faces (ya know, like, the negative face) they would be put off. And I guess by saying that, besides letting you know that I apparently struggle with acceptance, I’m also admitting that I have more than one proverbial face. But I think we all do.

Truth is though, I would rather share all of them. Because all of them, good and bad, make up the person that I am. Like me or leave me.

And so I basically just wanted to say thanks. For not only liking me, but for helping me to feel a lot less weird than I did 48 hours ago.

That is no small task!

Ps. A quick update: I went to the doc yesterday about those “lumps” I mentioned…? Turns out, one of them is a cyst and the other is a swollen lymph node reacting to the cyst. No infections or anything though, so YAY again! Thanks so much for your prayers.

Two good reports in one week. I could really get used to that.


8 thoughts on “thank you

  1. So happy to hear that the lumps weren’t anything major and serious!


  2. YAY!

    So so so happy. Also? Did you know I will be meeting you in two weeks?


    • Thanks, love! And I KNOW! I’m so excited that I feel like everything I say to you should be in all caps!

      But then you might change your mind about wanting to hang out with me. ;)


  3. yay!!! that is so great to hear!
    we like all the sides of you :)


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