winter wonderland

Oh, it’s a winter wonderland alright.

Like, I wonder if it will ever stop snowing…?

I wonder if, when my husband gets home from work, he’ll even be able to tell that I’ve shoveled the drive once already today?

Which makes me wonder why I even did all that work in the first place?

I wonder what it is about the snow that makes the neighbors, who have never so much as muttered a word to me, talk my ear off while I’m out there shivering in my boots?

I wonder at what age I learned not to eat of the yellow snow?

All that wondering aside, I did manage to figure out a couple of things today.

Like, if I stop thinking about how cold I am and I join Mk in making snow angels and sliding down the mountains at the end of our driveway and eating the good clean white snow, winter can be kinda sorta fun.

Not to mention, after all that, there’s hot chocolate to look forward to.

Oh, and as for the neighbors…?

I think we’re just united in our shoveling. That’s synonymous with suffering, no?


8 thoughts on “winter wonderland

  1. So, did you pick out all of the marshmallows from Lucky Charms and put them in your hot chocolate? :) If so, I love you. And I don’t even know you.


  2. love hot chocolate!
    I spent an hour shoveling and now you can’t even tell.


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