brand new skills

At Mk’s 4 year check-up, her doctor asked me if she knew how to hold and use a pair of scissors.

I gave the pediatrician the same look and answer that I give my husband when he asks me if I’d like to sit and watch Gangland with him.


And in that brief second that it took me to answer – in my head, I concluded that I was the worst mother on the planet. Because something is obviously super wrong if I haven’t handed my 4-year-old a pair of scissors, right? Oh, hindsight.

Sure, she probably needs to know the basics of cutting paper at some point in the near future, but what happens when she branches out…? I mean, I’ve already overheard her asking G if she would be ok with a haircut.

And the doc was all “They make those little scissors for kids, ya know.” Assuming that my lack of school-supply knowledge was to blame for my daughter’s inability to cut things. Heh.

Snap 10 Deets: Today, a paper bag. Tomorrow, who knows. Beauty school if you’re nasty!


9 thoughts on “brand new skills

  1. What an ass. You need a new doctor. Caleb only knows how to use scissors because I took him to therapy. That crap is hard for little kids. Geez. eventually they will learn, especially if they need to cut open a bag of doritos.


    • HAHA! Isn’t THAT the truth! The next day, she was already putting her new skills to the test on a bag of m&m’s, so yea…


  2. Mrs. B!!! How ARE you!? I thought you fell off the blogging planet!

    Ya know, my boys are turning four next month and there is no way in HELL I am giving them scissors. I don’t care what my doctor says. I’m sorry, but I have enough to worry about. Arming my children with scissors, even the safety ones, is not conducive to my mental health, ya know?? Anyway, our kids can be scissor-free together. We’ll make it the hot new trend.


    • I’m good, thanks! And how are YOU!? Nope, I’m still here…still doin’ my thang. ;)

      And I am SO happy to start a new trend with you, mama. I honestly can’t believe that cutting things is like, a prerequisite to turning four. Crazy if you ask me.

      So glad you dropped by! I have missed you madly!


  3. My parents would have been much smarter to not let me use scissors. I don’t remember how many times I cut my own hair, but it was enough to justify not using them until I was 13.


    • HA! So that’s what I can expect…? Awesome. My little sister has been known to cut her own hair every once in a while, too.

      Mommy-guilt be darned!


  4. there are certain things if it were completely up to me that my kids could easily go through childhood without ever having knowledge of. scissors is at the top of the list. there are too many hair cut stories. boo-boos. possibilities that conflict greatly with my anal personality. so at least you made a positive effort. i would have (pitifully) defended myself for never introducing them.


    • Haha! Right…!? Pretty sure this young doc had no children. Because I’m positive that she’d have been singin’ a different tune otherwise.

      And now this girl is asking to use the scissors on EVERYthing. Way to go me.


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