an ode.

Got some awful news today, guys – the breaking up of one of my favorite bands is happening, I guess – and so I decided to write an ode.

I even looked up the iambic pentameter of these kinds of things, but then decided that it was way too tough to keep up with all that and grief knows no guidelines.

Aaaand, whatever I do what I want.


An Ode to The Felix Culpa.

Today, The Felix Culpa announced
news, through tears, I can barely pronounce.

And at the thought, of no new releases
my musical heart breaks into two pieces.

And if it didn’t cost a thing to fly to O’Hare
seeing them live wouldn’t have been a one-time affair

because their official farewell is in Chicago.
And it costs so much to travel, so there’s slim chance that I’ll go.

Thankfully my iPod is full of their tunes,
like Escape To The Mountain, Lest Thou Be Consumed.

And though it seems tough to ease the grief from this day
their music rocks on every time I hit play.

Still yet for the fans of “the fortunate fall”
this day really holds little fortune at all…


I know that was a bunch of words, but there really aren’t any that accurately describe how sad I am.

Listen and love. (My favorite song.)

If that doesn’t move you, you’re probably a robot.


9 thoughts on “an ode.

  1. You always look fabulous! Such a sad day!


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