lumps and bruises

Tomorrow, I go to the nearest breast health center.

I found a lump the other day, a crazy painful one, and was seen at the clinic today regarding it. The doctor threw around a couple of centimeters and was super glad that it moved, but also said that it felt a bit firmer than a cyst, so that I need to have it checked out via mammogram and ultrasound.


Because I’ve been here/done this back in ’09 and was probably less freaked out then than I am now. Maybe because of all the breastfeeding that was going on back then with two babies…it seemed totally normal to have lumps and bruises of all varieties.

So I sat in the waiting room today, texting a friend, shaking and on the verge of passing out/throwing up/having a heart attack and so ready to hear the worst news ever.

I know, but it’s how I roll.

My husband likes to tell me that I’m my own worst enemy, and as much as I hate to hear it, I know it’s true.

But I definitely feel a little better about it tonight.

Now don’t go getting too freaked out, ’cause this town isn’t big enough for the two of us. But I certainly wouldn’t mind your prayers!

And you bet your butt I’ll keep you updated.


5 thoughts on “lumps and bruises

  1. Don’t be anxious girly! I know, easier said than done. I’m sorry you have to deal with this again. Prayers your way and hugs too. If my back ever stops acting like someone w/ turrets, you know me and you ought to have a coffee or two or three…lol. We’ll leave the boys to deal. What would they do if we both croaked? Seriously…I feel like I have to keep going just for the kids. I’m so prideful. Anyway, I get the drift and I’m praying for good results your way.


  2. I will definitely be keeping you in my prayers. I’m sure that everything will go just fine and it will be nothing. That is what I’ll be praying for.


  3. Tons of prayers for you, dear! like the others have said, I’m sure everything will be fine but I know how nerve wrecking it can be. *BIG HUGS*


  4. Still praying, sweet friend. HUGS!


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