Sorry to keep you dudes on the edges of your seats, but it’s nothing.

And that’s good news. REALLY good news.

My Grandpa drove me to the hospital today for my mammogram/ultrasound (isn’t he the best!?) while my Aunt stayed with my babies (isn’t she the best!?) and the tech found nothing but some freakishly dense tissue.

And I’m pretty sure the whole first floor heard my sigh of relief.

Nevermind that I felt totally stupid going in there and worrying and all of that for nothing and then cried when the ultrasound tech assured me that it wasn’t at all stupid that I went in and not to ever EVER feel that way because it’s a huge deal and that having peace of mind is worth more than gold…

But I’ve cried every day this year, so breaking down in front of a total stranger was not a shocker.

If I’m not crying about being overwhelmed with motherhood or arguing with my husband or watching old home videos of my Grandma or videos of my babies or taking absolutely everything that anyone says to me so dang personally or feeling blamed for this, that and the other…I’ll find something else to cry about.

Though they’re not always bad tears – there have been some tears of joy as well. Like all those old videos? Getoutoftown!

Hey! Maybe I should have made crying every day my resolution! But seriously, 2012 – get your act together.

Anyway. Thank you for praying. And for checking in on me today. And for just generally being so awesome.



3 thoughts on “density

  1. you and me both sister. glad everything is ok. i’m an emo mess too. i will join your 2012 club of crying.


  2. I am so glad to hear that everything is ok and that it’s nothing to worry about! However, I would love to hear a resolution to not cry every day. :)


  3. so relieved to hear everything is okay!


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