lipstick on a pig

Last night, my husband and I watched an episode of NY Ink where a woman who had recently had surgery to restore her hearing, got a tattoo of a pin-up girl on her ribcage. She chose the pin-up girl because she felt that it represented her newfound confidence.

She could finally hear after 29 years of not.

And confidence, of course, equals sexuality.

“Why!?” I whined at the television. “Why, as women, is our self-worth and confidence always directly tied to our sexuality? WHY!?”

I already know the answer.

Because just last week, I used a gift card and bought myself a twelve dollar tube of red lipstick.

Desperately reaching for just a shred of that same confidence and femininity and sexuality, knowing that it’s really pretty fleeting and certainly not found in a shade, but wanting it anyway.

And so today, while I’m crying about this, that and the other and feeling totally overwhelmed with motherhood and frustrated with marriage and scrubbing the bathroom floor for the third time, my lips are fire engine red.

But I sorta just feel like a clown.

Moral of the story: attitudes aren’t quite as easy to smear.


4 thoughts on “lipstick on a pig

  1. This might be your best post EVER. If the red lipstick makes you feel pretty and feminine, then goodness, it’s worth the $12 and gift card! Love ya, mama friend.


  2. LOL, this made me laugh. I always tell everyone “its like trying to put a shine on a terd”. Seriously. The only thing I’m rocking these days is the couch and I don’t feel one bit sexy. And I don’t know why confidence=sex appeal. When I’m old and wrinkly and confident as heck, I’m sure not gonna be sexy. Maybe I’ll just smear on some red lipstick and call it a day.


  3. Guuuurl. Every woman needs to feel confident, whether its from a pair of awesome jeans, some dope music, or hot red lipstick. Its the truth.

    For the record, you’re one of the flyest chicks around IMO.


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