back there somewhere.

We visited Washington last week and so I promise that I’m working on a for real vacation post, but can I just tell you guys something?

Leaving that state has been like a bad break-up for me.

I cried the ENTIRE way through the mountains on the way home (we road-tripped) and I only had a roll of toilet paper to dry my tears. It was originally for emergency kid-potty-breaks, and side note: we probably need to find new toilet paper because that stuff left white rolled-up shreds all over my face.

I keep obsessively looking at the clouds in the distance expecting to see a mountain.

I cried washing the ocean stench out of our clothes and vacuuming the sand out of our van.

Yesterday, a woman rode her bike down the street and I was all squealing  “Oooohhh, that reminds me of Seattle!”

Last night I stayed up until 2am because I looked at the clock and thought “Oh, well it’s actually only midnight!”


So guys, what do you do when your head and your heart are two time zones away?

(Please tell me I’m just in vacation mode still, because this is ridiculous.)


One thought on “back there somewhere.

  1. I had a chance to go to Australia 20 years ago with a dear friend. My mother had just died and I was in a bad relationship. I had the most wonderful time and cried and cried the day we had to go home. I cried on the flight home. I still talk about my Australia experience like it was yesterday and I am so glad I have the memories and photos of my time there. In other words, I personally think what you are experiencing is very normal! Hold the memories of your experience near and dear and believe that you will have more wonderful experiences to enjoy just as much.


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