resolution update.

Don’t make resolutions, you guys.

Remember how cute it was that I tried that yesterday? You know, how I was all ‘I’m gonna drink more water and stay away from Google and shoot rainbows out of my eyeballs!”…?

Well, I drank 50 ounces of water today. I loved the first 20 or so, but then I basically choked down every ounce after that before I Googled “how many ounces of water should I drink a day because I hate this.”

Tuuuurns ouuuut that you can drink too much water AND THEN YOU DIE FROM IT. YOU DIE FROM THE WATER.


I think.

I almost dropped my tablet trying to close the internet window out so fast.

But you really can drink too much water, I guess – though I did get so far as to read the word rare and I’m clinging to that – and so my resolutions ended up being a big fat contradiction and now I just want sparkling juice and gummy bears. Ugh.


Spill it.

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