“You know, you’re right. That Keanu whatever whatever guy is pretty good-looking…I mean, for a guy. I guess.”

“Ahhh! Oh my gosh, RIGHT!?”

And then Keanu whatever whatever and I went camping up in to the mountains and lived happily ever after. And seconds later I was back at home trying to figure out how to mash potatoes while my mother laughs at me.

This is what my dreams are like, you guys.

One minute, I’m with my main beard crush, the next, I’m getting laughed at while learning how to mash potatoes when I already know how to do that thing.

And the part that I loved the most about my dream is that my other half said that I was right about something. And that the something was Keanu’s good-looking-ness because I thought I was the only person on earth who felt that way.

Never you mind that it was my husband and/or just a dream.

I also loved the mountains. And that Mr. Reeves was wearing a Ninja Turtle t-shirt.


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