thank you beary much!

Do you guys remember when The Hunger Games first opened in theaters?

I don’t either* but I do know that it was the last time I dated my husband before last night.

Yeeeeaaaa. But we had a little fun and fixed all that!

Anyway, really just writing this for two reasons:

Firstly, because who knows when the awesome, rare and elusive date night will happen again and secondly**, because I didn’t get offered any vodka drenched gummy bears while my old man did. Oh I dunno, just something about me looking “too young to drink” while I’M TURNING THIRTY THIS YEAR and I just want to remember this day for forever.

I don’t drink anyway, so I came home and celebrated my perceived youth by eating regular, albethem*** giant, gummy bears. Looks like I win this one!

*Just checked. I guess it opened in March…? And we’re not dogs, but that’s like 5 years and 10 months according to them. So, too long.

**Why does it always feel like I just made up that word?

***Oh my gosh, so I made up this word? WordPress is kinda hinting at that. Mind = blown.


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