crazy train

Let’s take a super fun trip through my brain.

I’m not doing the Google thing anymore, but I’m still doing the Facebook thing and sometimes that feels like the same…thing. Because maybe you’re bored out of your mind one night, since your husband is sucking up all the bandwidth with his gaming and you can’t watch Netflix without complaint, so you’re scrolling your news feed seeing cartoon diagrams of heads/brains having strokes.

This is what my friends are like, I guess. What happened to those funny ecards, you guys…!?

Anyway, the story goes something like ‘a lady was at a BBQ wearing new shoes and fell and blamed it on the shoes except later that night went into a coma and died because the fall had nothing to do with her fancy new shoes and more to do with her having a stroke that *I guess you could be having right this very second and not even know it because maybe you think you’re just super clumsy.’

Naturally, my brain went into overdrive all “Well is a trip the same as a fall? Because I trip all the time. And couldn’t it just be any clumsy, out of the ordinary, kind of thing? I mean, who says it has to be a fall? Wouldn’t doctors be like ‘get yo butt in here if you fall because hello, stroke.’ And BLAAAAAAARG.”

And so later on that day when I went to pick up my can of Throwback Pepsi and it slipped out of my hands and spilled all over the floor, I kinda sorta joked that “THIS IS IT, I THINK” and laughed that my husband take me to the ER. Because I guess you have to do that within three hours every time you fall/trip/drop anything because you just never know and because I couldn’t just leave it alone with the falling.

Thanks, friends.

*Added and emphasized by me – being the clumsy type in case that wasn’t clear.


4 thoughts on “crazy train

  1. I decided to delete all my blogs. Just feel like my online presence is way too much. Only I can handle that much of myself…lol. Anyway, so I’m blogless at the moment.


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