six year old snippets

Let me tell you about six.

It’s the best. I know I say that about every age, but I’m serious about six. I also know that I over-share all of the things girlfriend says and does at all the ages, but here a few little recent bits that I haven’t.

You are welcome!

“You’re always sick because you and dad are always sharing germs with kissing and it’s gross.”

“I’m never having babies because they just make you do everything.”

“I’m pissed that I have to brush my hair.”
“Wow! Do you even know what pissed means?”
“Yea, I’m mad that you’re making me brush my hair, so I’m pissed. I learned it from you, ’cause you’re always pissing on things.”

“Mmmmm…aaaaa….pppp. Telescope!”

“Whenever we’re not at home my brain is like ‘Ugh, I wish we were at home.'”

“Oh, you and your coffee-ness. You need to give that baby a break.”

“That guy is a loser.”
“Did you just call him a loser!?”
“Yea, I call everyone that and that’s my business.”

“Everything is stupid.”

This is what I mean. I laughed until I cried yesterday because hello.


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