I don’t talk much about home schooling because snooze, amirite?

It’s actually because of my crazy strong, somewhat unconventional opinions and the judgmental ‘tude I’m trying to quit. But yea, the snooze thing, too.

Anyway, my six-year-old has a super fun time typing random words on the computer (she even titled this post) and I thought it would be awesome to remember it forever, so I’m putting it here because my big, beautiful brain isn’t so great in the memory department.

shal cat dog man pie bed mir  hat fun Mom DAD poop pee butt zebru hows  fox puncm car

Those misspelled words are supposed to be ‘shell’ and ‘mirror’ and ‘zebra’ and ‘house’ and ‘pumpkin’.

Which brings me to my main point – teaching English/spelling/reading is hard, you guys!

Sure, the ‘o’ and the ‘w’ together sound like “ow”, but so do ‘o’ and ‘u’. Have fun figuring that one out, kid! And yes, ‘u’ does sound like “uh”, but so does the ‘a’, I guess, when you put it at the end of ‘zebra’.

I explain and she laughs and we eat blueberry pancakes and it’s cool.


One thought on “homscool

  1. I know! I’m teaching all those things to Caleb right now and I said to my hubs, “Man, the english language is so hard. How did we learn this stuff?” Not to mention th does not sound like f, and the o in the word come is not the same o and is the word cone..even though they both have silent e’s at the end. Who made this ridiculous language anyway? And I feel sorry, truly empathetic for people who come here and have to learn this stupid language. It makes NO sense.


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