second winter

There’s so much snow, you guys.

If you’re unfortunate enough to live where I live, you already know all about it and you’re also probably sick of people stating the obvious and so I’m sorry for adding to that, but come on!

I’ve heard funny little things like “That groundhog should be fired” and “Global warming, who?” while I’m over here like “ALL THE SWEAR WORDS.”

So I guess we can be thankful that this isn’t a competition to find out who hates it more because I would win by a mile and the prize would probably be some sort of tropical vacation and I’d be on the beach right now with a butt load* of sunscreen on and under an umbrella because I’m terrified/allergic to the sun, but I would be warm.

*That’s an actual measurement of 126 gallons. If my everlasting discontentment is annoying, at least you learned a fun new fact.


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