may the fourth be with you

Saturday, being Star Wars Day, was the perfect occasion to finally introduce my babies to three of the greatest films of all time. I was all decked out with R2-D2 on my nails and my star wars t-shirt because hello, you’ve met me. I wore my gold leggings too WHICH TOTALLY REPRESENTED

Anyway, we watched the movies. The classic ones – though that probably goes without saying – and my nerdy heart swelled with all the joy. Especially since my children are all totally in love with the whole thing and can think of nothing else right now.

And while you really can’t elaborate on movie watching very much, I just always want to remember the few cute little things they said while we cuddled together on the couch all day because I’m a nerd mom and it’s my duty to document such big stuff.

“Why is Yoda such a grumpy old man?”

“Good thing Luke has his glow stick.”

“Why does Darth Vader just keep saying “COO-PER, COO-PER, COO-PER. Who’s Cooper?”

“His cheeks are so floppy and that just makes my heart starving for Floppy Joes.” (Sloppy Joes, I just let them call ’em whatever they want ’cause it’s funnier.)

“Man, he is so sassy.” (Darth Sidious)

“Some sprinkles came out of my eyes when Darth Vader died. Did you always cry at that part, too?”

Always, baby girl. ALWAYS.


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