six year old snippets: episode two

It’s time for another wonderful installment of weird/hilarious/awesome things my six-year-old says because I plan on filling the internet to the brim with her sass.

“Man, I’m so friendly.”

“Having a baby is like a guessing game. Oh, you’re crying! What’s wrong, baby!? Ugh, ooookaaaay, I guess we have to guess…”

“Why is everyone so weird?”

“I have a bad relationship with this bread.”

“I know your magazines or whatever are important, but c’mon.”

“I’ll post to you on Facebook once you get back to the galaxy.”

“If I don’t get a bite of your ice cream, I’m gonna freak out in front of all my fans.”

“You seem like the kind of kid who would punch a deer in the face.”

And to think, I actually had a moment this week – being mom and kindergarten teacher and socializing with other home school moms who terrify me with their talk of chapter book accomplishments – where I panicked about all the things she doesn’t “know.”

Girlfriend is a comedic GENIUS.

For the record, she read 29 words tonight before bed because she wanted to read as many words as I am old, but mostly she was all “UGH OH MY GOSH YOUR NUMBER IS THE BIGGEST NUMBER.”


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