I try not to freak out too much about what my kids watch on tv or in movies. I’m probably doing it wrong, but it’s the one thing that I don’t freak out about, so just let me have this one.

I don’t let them watch the news because I don’t even let me watch the news, but they’re regular viewers of Superhero cartoons/movies, of Star Wars, of Edward Scissorhands, of The Nightmare Before Christmas – and even though I’m totally cool with all that (and the rest of the world probably is too, but maybe not, I don’t know what you do) – it’s still a little bit foreign to me because I’m that kid who wasn’t allowed to watch Ninja Turtles.

Anyway, so we’re at the park yesterday. It’s a park that has one of those old school jungle gym-dome things and my children are running around on the inside of it, giggling and being as cute as can be when I hear “Oh no! Look out! Someone’s trying to stab us! They’re gunna cut us in half! AAAHHHH!”

I feel the eyes of a million moms judging me even though we’re at the park by ourselves because that’s what being a mom feels like sometimes and “OH MY GOSH, WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING THAT? WHERE THE HECK DID YOU SEE SOMETHING LIKE THAT? I SHOULD HAVE NEVER LET YOU WATCH NINJA TURTLES.”

“Uhhh, we’re fruits and vegetables…? He’s a cucumber, I’m a tomato, this is a juicing machine…GOOD LORD, MOM, GET A GRIP.”

I added that last part, of course, but I could tell from their tone they were thinking it because who wouldn’t be, crazy lady.

I also let them watch MasterChef, but that’s probably pretty apparent by now.


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