squirrel babies

I’m not really an animal person. Like whatever, they’re cool, but they don’t tug my heartstrings as much as other things. Except for that one turtle that I fricken HEARD get run over by a bus and then had to call in sick to work because I could not compose myself on the side of the road or for the next two days. But other than that…

Today my girls were running around chasing butterflies, nets in one hand and toads in the other, when they found four baby squirrels in our backyard. They were all “THERE’S SOMETHING BORN OVER HERE!” and “OH MY GOSH, BABY PIGS IN OUR YARD AND THIS ISN’T EVEN A FARM!” So I did what any person would do and checked it out. Aaaaand then I did what any person probably would not do and just started crying.

I cried because one was for sure dead, I cried because three were for sure going to be and I cried because they were all for sure cute. I called my husband and was like “WHAT DO I DO!?” before I asked the neighbor the same thing because he has more qualifications seeing that he freed a rabbit from our fence last year, but he didn’t know either.

Friends on Facebook told me to call around and so I did. Thank you, friends, because I was able to find a wildlife rehab center about 30 minutes from me and they told me what to do. I went outside with a box and towel and gloves and then my husband got home right then and totally swooped in and saved the day. He scooped up the two squirrel babies that survived the day so gently and he tucked them in to the towel to keep them warm and I cried again because he was just SO sweet about it and because the kids were jumping up and down about him saving the squirrels and about us getting to bring them into our house and about us being a family of seven.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did nearly die from the cute right then.

Anyway, we brought them in to the wildlife center and handed them over even though I was more than ready to be a crazy squirrel lady. The kids got to say goodbye and pick out little animal magnets and they felt SO proud for helping the babies and that made me cry some more.

I’ll try not to call the place every day and ask how my squirrel babies are doing, but I make no guarantees because I guess I’m an animal person.


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