bears, beets, battlestar galactica. but mostly just bears.

It’s whatever time it is pm and I’m still reeling from last night’s dream where I was chased by a bear who had zero problems opening any door. Push, pull, locked – didn’t matter – dude could open up every single door.

I get on the Google machine this morning because some days I’m like “Dreams totally mean something, man. It’s like, your subconscious and stuff, man.” As opposed to most days where I’m just like “I should have never watched GhostHunters right before falling asleep.”

So I read on some website that bears in your dreams represent independence and strength, unless they’re chasing you and then that means you’re in the middle of some sort of “overwhelming obstacle.”


This whole thought that dreams have meanings might be total hokum.

Oh my gosh, UNLESS that dream was about level 347 of Candy Crush…!

Whatever, holla at me on Pet Rescue because I will NOT be chased by anymore bears.

(I dunno, guys, I turn thirty tomorrow and maybe there’s a magical switch that will make me less weird.)


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