space cadet

Have you guys seen the preview for that new “Gravity” flick…? I swear, it’s like the universe is my own personal fear monger. “Oh, you think you want to visit the moon/space station/whatever? WELL THEN LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENS TO THESE PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT IT WOULD BE COOL, TOO. IDIOTS.”

I don’t know if you guys know this (you do), but I was super surprised with a telescope on my b-day. I guess that space is just kinda my thing and I’m the luckiest girl because everyone knows it and I was spoiled rotten with space/nerdy things that day. I mean, I would literally just sit and sob while star/moon gazing because I’m always just so in awe of it all and that was before a telescope. Sooooo you can imagine how much I freaked out/squealed/jumped around my backyard tonight after I finally had a black sky and bright moon to look at after that waning crescent mess that haunted my b-day week and beyond.

Let’s just say hopefully no one on my block went to bed before nine tonight. Heh.

I saw so many craters and ridges and just WHATEVER, SANDY B AND GEORGE CLOONEY. I still want to be an astronaut some day, so I ain’t even sweating that Hollywood preview.

(It’s the three days of wilderness survival training that keeps me grounded. That and I heard that crying could short circuit your space helmet and let’s be real – that view would bring me to tears. Plus I also watched a video about astronauts pooping.)


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