#tuesday (lunar eclipse day)

“I’m always out here looking up at the sky, but all this hype around the ‘blood moon’ made it so mainstream.” – A wannabe astronomer/hipster/snob, in the wee morning hours during today’s total lunar eclipse, probably.

Uuugghhh, ok, it was me who thought that.

I know. I’m the worst.

And my poor husband…

He doesn’t seem to care for the night sky, but that certainly doesn’t mean that he’s exempt from having to listen to me rant and rave about it 24/7. When I read things about the lunar eclipse being “a sign that the end is near”, he would just smile and nod while I got all annoyed and started throwing around words like ‘refraction’ and ‘penumbra’ and questions like “OMG, DO PEOPLE EVEN SCIENCE?”

JK, guys, I’m super stoked that so many people were looking up, because <3.
(I’m actually not jk’ing about that “it’s a sign” stuff, though.)

And here’s a suuuuper terrible photo, because I’m also – clearly – a wannabe photographer. LOL UGH.



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