FYI, and for my own, I guess, I submitted some night sky pictures to an astronomy magazine last night because I’m still doing that “putting myself out there” thing – even though it’s yielding no results. And even though my night sky pictures are sub-par, at best.

Gaaaaahhhhhkdjfahgkvj. (That’s the sound I make every time I hit ‘send’ on a submission email because I’m mostly like “WHAT AM I EVEN DOING!? NO ONE WANTS TO SEE/READ THAT!”)


Unrelated: My husband likes to call Wednesdays “Buck Wednesdays” because it’s the one day a week he treats himself to Starbucks – other than the occasional Saturday – and so I copied him and got myself a vanilla macchiato and took my little homies to the library.

Speaking of my children – they’re so cool. And probably every mom feels that way about their children, and it need not be said, but we go to the library and they pick out bird-watching books and local geology books and shark books and I’m just so proud of their big, inquisitive brains.

Then we get home and my youngest daughter is all “I used my ear wax as lotion, I hope that’s fine with you.”



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