next (edited, because omg)

Well, guys, I didn’t get the gig. (You know, this one.)

I was actually just stoked on getting a response at all as I was more than prepared to find my inbox void of anything other than “>>TAKE THIS GREAT NEW BLUE PILL !$*#%@<<” as usual, so I guess that’s kind of a silver lining.

They told me that I had a great stories to tell and that I ought to keep submitting and all of the other niceties you’re supposed to say to help soften the blow.

And it’s fiiiiine.

I’ll keep writing and submitting and dreaming and polishing my nails and taking pictures and staring into space and eating too many red vines, probably.

***Ok, so I still didn’t get the gig, but my TMNT nail design was featured over at for their nails of the day column and I don’t think I even have to tell you how much I’m freaking out about it, because <3.


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