It’s funny how well my husband doesn’t know me with the way he starts conversations with stuff like “I saw this thing on that one Doctor’s show the other day…”

It ended up being harmless, thankfully, though not particularly helpful either. I guess this stress-busting thing to do – and Lord (and my husband, apparently) knows I need one of those – is to just say “no big deal!” when things get you down.

You know, like when a lamp breaks, a glass of juice spills, you’re super sick of doing laundry – no big deal!

And so today, when my children fought and cried and stomped off about literally EVERYTHING, I was all “I’m about to lose my ever-lovin’ mind, but NO BIG DEAL, I GUESS” because I thought I’d give it a go and because I’m probably more obnoxious than any man/woman/child, ever.


Spill it.

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