I read somewhere that a fear of birds and a fear of dentistry are closely related – that whole birds and/or metal tools swooping down at your face thing, probably – and that sufferers of one are almost always sufferers of both.

And then there’s me, just a sufferer of everything, ever. Heh.

But my dentist’s office is for real crazy – not in the scary way though, just in the annoying way. Every time I have an appointment set up for one hour, the confirmation email says a different hour and the card that they send out has a different hour than that. Sometimes, I’ll have an appointment set up for one day and then I get a reminder that the appointment is tomorrow, actually – three weeks sooner than was originally scheduled it. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll schedule an appointment, thinking “ugh, I don’t even care the day or time because it’s a total crap-shoot around there.”

Gas-lighters, the whole lot of them.

I’d do the normal person thing and find a new dentist, but that would be way more work than just complaining about it to the Internet. Plus, I really feel like one day they’ll get it together after I’m like “LOL, YOU GUYS” enough times, I dunno.



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