nerd alert

The first time my youngest daughter heard the word ‘sexy’ – or at least the first time she heard it and commented on it – was while we were watching the behind the scenes of one of The Hobbit movies a while back. They jokingly talked about making the backdrop ‘sexy’ and miss inquisitive asked what it meant.

I fumbled over my words a little bit because I have no idea how to explain what that means to a five-year-old, but I also kinda fumble over my words all the time, so she was just like “oh ok, whatever.”

A couple of weeks after that, I had to explain to her what ‘nerdy’ meant after the kids watched my all-time favorite message on why it’s awesome to be a nerd from Wil Wheaton(swoon).

I had no problem explaining that word, of course, because I was just like “well, guys…that’s us!”

Soooo us, omg.

Anyway, the new cast wast announced for the upcoming Star Wars movie the other day, and I alerted my little crew that Andy Serkis – Gollum – was going to play a role.

(See? Nerrrrrrds.)

But I suspect she understood every word this time around as – rather than asking any questions –  she yelled out “WHOA, HE’S IN LORD OF THE RINGS AND STAR WARS!? HE’S LIKE, DOUBLE SEXY!”

Being five and all, I’m pretty sure that she meant nerdy, but who can tell, really, because SAME DIFFERENCE.


2 thoughts on “nerd alert

  1. LOL I had the same dilemma with my elder son asking what “sexy” means. I think you had more luck explaining than I did.


    • Ha! I dunno about that – she was totally over it before I even started making sense. ;) It’s SO weird/tough to explain, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by!


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