People with anxiety (e.g. me) really ought to know better than to read or watch the news.

It’s just that sometimes there are stories about things like a family finding people living in their walls one day and I feel like that’s a report that can really stick with a person. I mean, apparently, this house had a semi-secret crawl space where the legit inhabitants found blankets and wrappers and other omg-someone-totally-lives-in-these-walls kind of things.

Sooo yea, that can happen, I guess… (…?)

Anyway, since reading stories of that nature, people with anxiety (e.g. me) might not be able to hear sounds from the water softener in the basement as they brush their teeth late at night without thinking “SOMEONE MOVING IN PROBABLY, LOL.”

#ugh #TGIF #idunno


2 thoughts on “#friday

  1. Hi! Glad to see you’re still blogging too! It’s actually getting harder to find time as they get bigger, unbelievably! Maybe when they reach kindergarten in the fall? (Yeah right!) thanks for stopping by!


    • HI! I hear ya – seems like I had so much more time to blog when they were babies. And that sounds weird/impossible, but I think it’s because they slept a lot more…? So yea, I took a hiatus there for a while, but I’m back here and there. Like it or not, Internet. ;)

      Cannot believe your little guys will be starting Kindergarten this fall! WHERE DOES TIME GO.

      Thanks (to you, too) for stopping by! :)


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